Driggs Area of Impact Zoning & Subdivision Regulations


--> An ordinance was recently adopted for new Airport Overlay Zone Districts & M-1 Light Industrial Zone amendment. Click here for more information.


Zoning Maps

Driggs Area of Impact Zone Map 

Driggs Area of Impact Airport Overlay Zone Map 

Subdivision Regulations- Area of Impact

Subdivision regulations for the Area of Impact follow the Teton County Subdivision regulations (title 9, Teton County code), together with the Teton County wildlife habitat overlay, and with the following exceptions and modifications:

  1. The city of Driggs subdivision design standards (title 10, ch4) shall replace section 9-4-1 of Teton County code.
  2. The city of Driggs subdivision improvement requirements (title 10, ch5) shall replace section 9-4-2B of Teton County code.
  3. The city of Driggs planned unit development regulations (title 10, chapter 6, article A shall replace chapter 9-5 of Teton County code.
  4. "Planning commission" shall mean the joint Driggs-Teton County planning commission. 

Zoning Regulations- Area of Impact


Chapter 1 - Title, Authority, Purpose & Definitions

Chapter 2 - Enforcement and Administrative Procedures

Chapter 3 - Supplementary Regulations

Chapter 4 - Off Street Parking & Loading

Chapter 5 - Zoning Districts & Map

Chapter 6 - Residential Districts

Chapter 7 - Commercial & Industrial Districts

Chapter 8 - A-0.5/A-2.5 Agricultural - 0.5/2.5 Acre min lot size

Chapter 9 - Overlay Districts - Design Review & Airport

Chapter 10 - PUD Huntsman Springs

Chapter 11 - MUE Mixed Use Employment District

Appendix A- Commercial Design Standards & Guidelines


Driggs Area of Impact regulations are enforced by Teton County. 

To obtain a building permit, subdivision application, or planning permit in the Area of Impact, please contact Teton County Idaho: 


208-354-2593 x 3