Permit Applications

The following is a list of P&Z permit applications for projects located in Driggs City limits.  

Click here to see recommended application due dates, Note: Submittal of an application one or by the recommended deadline does not guarantee that your application will be placed on the next P&Z Commission agenda. All applications are subject to a Completeness Determination by the Planning & Zoning Administrator, as per Section 14.3 of the Driggs Land Development Code and more information may be requested. 



  Acre Size  
  5 acres or less $1,213
  6-20 acres $1,693
  > 20 acres $2,173
Appeals $500
Boundary Line Adjustment
Conditional Use Permit $710
De-Annexation $1,213
Design Review
  Sketch Plan/Minor Remodel Review $125
  Site Plan Review $235
  Building Review $23 per 1000 sqft GFA (no change to subdivision plans)
Floodplain Development Permit $50
Grading Permit  
Land Development Code Text Amendment $1,215
Lot Split $450
PUD Amendment $710 
PUD Use Exception  
Sign Permit
$1.60 per sqft sign area
Special Event Permit $50
  Concept Plan Review $215
  Preliminary Plat $2,475
  Final Plat $ 100 per lot
  Short Plat (Prelim & Final) $1,185
  Plat Amendment- Significant $1,805
  Plat Amendment – Insignificant $1,185 (no change to subdivision plans)
  Extension Request $160
Vacation (Plat/Street) $1,215
              Insignificant Vacation  
Zone Change
  Acre Size  
  5 acres or less $1,215
  6-20 acres $1,695
  > 20 acres $2,175
In addition to the minimum fees listed above, the City may charge to the applicant the actual costs of the publication, filing, postage costs and staff time if such actual costs exceed the prescribed application fees.


Projects located in the Driggs Area of Impact are subject to the Driggs AOI Zoning Ordinance and County Subdivision Ordinance and are administered by Teton County.  Please click here for permit and fee information.

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