Land Development Code

Effective 9/29/2016, Ordinance #374-16; last amended by Ordinance 406-20, effective 5/13/2020

*Recent amendments to the Land Development Code were passed by City Council on 8/17/21 and take effect on 8/25/21. This page will be updated with the most recent version as soon as possible. Contact staff with questions, or for a redline version showing the changes. 


Title 9: Land Development Code- All Chapters 1-15 (PDF/ 25 MB), effective 5/13/2020

Table of Contents

Appendix A: Design Standards & Guidelines (PDF / 9 MB), effective 8/10/17



Zoning Maps

Driggs Zoning Map (PDF)- effective 9/29/16

Driggs Airport Overlay Zone Map (PDF)- effective 9/29/16

Driggs Area of Impact Zoning Map (PDF)- effective 3/2/17

Driggs Area of Impact Airport Overlay Zone Map (PDF)- effective 12/28/17

GIS Zoning Map- Online interactive zone map hosted by Teton County