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Eastern Idaho Public Health


Teton County's Code red Emergency Notification System can alert you to critical health care situations related to COVID as well as other emergency information.  This system is used for imminent threats to community health and safety and releases information according to emergencies happening at specific addresses and neighborhoods.  We encourage you to sign up for text, email, or phone call notifications on the Code Red system.  You may sign up by simply visiting the Teton County Sheriff's Office homepage at and clicking on the CODE RED icon at the bottom of the page.  Please note this system is used for imminent emergencies ONLY (not regular informational updates.)  Please sign up today!


Effective November 9, 2020

On November 6, 2020, Eastern Idaho Public Health moved Teton County, Idaho into the COVID-19 Critical Risk Category.  Due to the increased positivity rate in Teton County, Idaho, Teton Valley Health and Eastern Idaho Public Health are asking citizens to take immediate action to reduce the risk of being exposed or spreading COVID-19.

  • Wear face coverings and maintain physical distancing with people not in your immediate household.
  • Minimize non-essential trips, errands and gatherings.
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Frequently wash hands

 To view the full notice:  Public Health Advisory Notice

City Hall moves back to Level B - Curbside or Remote Services Prefered - Effective November 12, 2020

See Below for more information. 


Idaho moves back to Stage 2

Idaho Department of Health and Welface Stay Health Order

Summary of Idaho Stage 2 Business Guidelines & Driggs City Requirements

With the Governor’s announcement that Idaho returns to Reopening Stage 2 on 11/13/2020, the following quick reference guide is provided for Driggs’ businesses and community to understand how the City will be enforcing these regulations.

General Guidance:

  • Within the City of Driggs, face coverings are required when in any public place and/or a place where you cannot maintain proper spacing.  This applies to all public facing businesses, public facilities, churches, schools, parks, buses, and all other places where proper spacing from non-household people cannot be maintained.  Face coverings are required at the Driggs Community Center and City Hall, including all tenants, with no exceptions.  This includes TISA, Senior’s Center, Rock Gym, and Geo Center, and Driggs Transit Center. (Ref Driggs Public Health Order dated 7/2/2020)
  • Driggs City Hall is closed to the public, except for noticed public hearings.  
  • Idaho State Gathering Limitations:  Avoid non-household group gatherings of all kinds, and take proper distance and masking precautions when unavoidable.  All gatherings, both public and private are limited to a maximum of 10 non-household persons. (Ref
  • Travel & quarantine:  Individuals travelling from areas with high community spread should self-quarantine for a period of 14 days.  Minimize non-essential travel, and avoid locations with significant COVID outbreaks.
  • Employers are encouraged to allow their employees to work from home when possible.  

Specific Business Guidance:

  • Grocery Stores:  Masks are required of all public, and employees.  Employees who are determined by employers to have a doctor’s exemption from masking, may not prepare food, or handle food for customers.
  • Bars/Nightclubs:  CLOSED
  • Restaurants (including bars operating solely as restaurants - serving food and beverages to patrons at tables or curbside):  Proper spacing between tables to maintain safe distance.  BARS WITHIN RESTAURANTS MUST BE CLOSED AND BLOCKED OFF FROM USE.  AT TIME OF CLOSING OF KITCHEN, RESTAURANTS MUST CLOSE (i.e. not continue to operate as bars after the kitchen is closed.)
  • Gyms/Rec Facilities:  May remain open if they meet the requirements for spacing and mask wearing.  All facilities located within Driggs Community Center require masks at all times - no exceptions.
  • Close Contact Services (hair/nails/massage/spa):  May remain open if they meet the requirements for spacing and mask wearing.  Masks required by Driggs Public Health Order.
  • In home services/contractors: Masks required when in private homes or close quarters.


Eastern Idaho Public Health Face Covering Mandate - Effective October 1, 2020

Order of Restriction

 The order requires the use of face covering by individuals when in public places when physical distancing cannot be maintained, as well as limits the size of gatherings/events (both public and private) based on the available space at the venue to allow for physical distance.


Still in Effect - September 16, 2020

Mayor Johnson signed an emergency order which will go into effect at midnight on July 3, 2020 mandating face masks in all public places, including retail businesses, parks, churches, and any other public meeting spot.  Click here to view the full text of the Emergency Order."

*On July 7, 2020, the City Council ratified the Mayor's Order, extending it indefinitely (until repealed.)"


Businesses:  If you would like to download the above Mandatory Face Mask sign to post at your place of business, click here  

The City Hall Moves to "Level B" effective Novmeber 12, 2020

Under Level B, all city services are encouraged to be provided remotely, or curbside.  No public is allowed inside the city offices without a previous appointment - and the doors will remain locked - except for public meetings as noted above.  Utility bills and business registration can be performed online.  Plan drop offs can be scheduled, or conducted electronically.  The city's payment drop box on the north side of the building, as well as the drop box in the west vestibule of the Community Center are also still available.  For now, the Community Center doors will remain unlocked during business hours, though this will be monitored and may change at any point without notice if we deem it necessary.

Going forward under Level B, city public meetings will continue to be held at City Hall as scheduled and noticed.  However, all non-essential staff and board members are encouraged to participate remotely as much as possible.  The public is also encouraged to avoid attending in person.  Meetings for which public input is required (public hearings) will continue to accommodate those who wish to testify in person, and the city will continue to accept public comment for these hearings over zoom and phone, and encourage submittal of written comments in lieu of personal testimony. 

We will be asking the Public to:

1. Wear masks when in the City Building and Offices

2. Maintain physical distancing between non family members at a minimum of 6 feet.

3. Make an appointment with staff prior to coming to the offices if your business cannot be solved via our website links or an online meeting.

4. Use Zoom conferencing whenever possible.

5. Use hand sanitizer available at the front desk before and after visiting us.

Thank  for observing these guidelines and keeping our community safe!

Additional Resources:


****PLEASE NOTE: There is NO danger to the City's water system due to the COVID-19.


Looking for operating hours of a local business?  Click here to see a list of businesses and their operating status as maintained by Teton Valley News.


START BUS message:

The following commuter trips will be suspended as of March 30, 2020:

Teton Valley 4
Departing at 7:40 am and returning at 7:30 pm