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Eastern Idaho Public Health

Eastern Idaho Public Health Face Covering Mandate - Effective October 1, 2020

Order of Restriction

 The order requires the use of face covering by individuals when in public places when physical distancing cannot be maintained, as well as limits the size of gatherings/events (both public and private) based on the available space at the venue to allow for physical distance.


Still in Effect - September 16, 2020

Mayor Johnson signed an emergency order which will go into effect at midnight on July 3, 2020 mandating face masks in all public places, including retail businesses, parks, churches, and any other public meeting spot.  Click here to view the full text of the Emergency Order."

*On July 7, 2020, the City Council ratified the Mayor's Order, extending it indefinitely (until repealed.)"


Businesses:  If you would like to download the above Mandatory Face Mask sign to post at your place of business, click here  


Protocols for Idaho Rebounds: Stage 4 - Begins June 13, 2020 and still in effect

Governor Brad Little, with the help of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has established a data-driven approach to opening Idaho’s economy.  Please see the Idaho Rebounds website for more information on future stages and the protocols for each. 

A Message from Governor Brad Little - Dated June 25, 2020

Idaho extends Stage 4 as COVID-19 response becomes more localized across state

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little announced today Idaho will transition to a regional response to COVID-19, and the state did not meet metrics to move out of the final stage of the Idaho Rebounds plan.

“The statewide approach to mitigating the spread of COVID-19 three months ago was the right thing to do. Three months ago, testing and contact tracing was limited, some areas of Idaho faced alarming healthcare capacity restraints, and there wasn’t enough personal protective equipment on hand for businesses and healthcare workers. But from the start, our plan was to eventually transition to a more regional approach in our response, and that’s what we’ve begun,” Governor Little said.

Idaho will stay in the final stage of the Idaho Rebounds plan for at least another two weeks.

Idaho did not meet the epidemiologic and healthcare criteria to advance past Stage 4. The number of reported cases from June 10-25 trended upward instead of downward, the percent of positive tests from June 8-21 trended upward instead of downward, and the average percent positive for the prior 14-day period was greater than 5-percent at 5.12-percent. In addition, the number of healthcare workers reported with COVID-19 from June 10-23 trended upward, and the average number of healthcare workers reported having COVID-19 per day was greater than the standard of 2.

Governor Little urged Idahoans not to let their guard down.

“The goal all along has been to ensure our hospitals aren’t overrun with people seriously ill from complications of this highly contagious respiratory disease. You can engage in the economy, safely go back to work, and safely receive care from your medical provider, but you must do so while practicing the proven measures to fight the spread of coronavirus,” Governor Little added.

Idahoans are urged to:

Wear protective face coverings in public.

Keep physical distance of at least 6-feet from others outside your household.

Wash hands and surfaces regularly.

  • And stay home if you are sick.
  • The seven public health districts across the state are continually evaluating the criteria at the local level and will announce any changes in moving forward, if that becomes necessary to “flatten the curve.”

The City Center Partial Opening

The City Center to Partially Open on June 8, 2020

The City Center will Offer restricted public access.  All City services that can be offered remotely or curbside with minimal disruption to staff or the public will continue to operate in that manner.  Other services can resume if close contact with the public can be avoided or can be accomplished with appropriate protective measures.  In person meetings (internal & public) may resume, provided distancing precautions are taken and personal protective measures, such as face masks are worn by all attendees.

We will be asking the Public to:

1. Wear masks when in the City Building and Offices

2. Maintain physical distancing between non family members at a minimum of 6 feet.

3. Make an appointment with staff prior to coming to the offices if your business cannot be solved via our website links or an online meeting.

4. Use Zoom conferencing whenever possible.

5. Use hand sanitizer available at the front desk before and after visiting us.

6. There should only be one person in the front desk reception area at all times.

Thank  for observing these guidelines and keeping our community safe!

Additional Resources:


****PLEASE NOTE: There is NO danger to the City's water system due to the COVID-19.


Looking for operating hours of a local business?  Click here to see a list of businesses and their operating status as maintained by Teton Valley News.


START BUS message:

The following commuter trips will be suspended as of March 30, 2020:

Teton Valley 4
Departing at 7:40 am and returning at 7:30 pm