Code Enforcement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Code Enforcement Division is to promote, protect and improve the health, safety and welfare of the citizens and visitors of the City of Driggs.  This is done by assisting residents and property owners to be in compliance with City Codes in a friendly, fair, and impartial manner.

Reporting a Code Violation 

Are there conditions on public or private property that are in violation of the Driggs City Code, Land Development Code, or Building Codes?  If so, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer:

Justin Mehlhaff
Planning Technician & Code Enforcement Officer
Phone: (208) 354-2362 ext. 2109


Before reporting a code violation, please make sure that the violating address is within city limits.  To verify, search the address here.  For a complaint to be investigated, the following information is required:

  • Location of potential violation
  • Property owner name, phone number, and email (if known)
  • Description of potential violation
  • Your name, phone number, address and email

Complaints are investigated in the order they are submitted and as resources allow.  Potential violations which may pose threats to public health and safety take priority.

Common Violations

  • Junk, debris and inoperable equipment in public view
  • Unmaintained landscaping
  • Illegal parking
  • Dogs off-leash
  • Use of RV's and Campers as a permanent residence
  • Unpermitted or prohibited signs
  • Unpermitted construction
  • Unregistered businesses
  • Illegal dumping
  • Livestock and Rooster violations
  • Conditional Use Permit violations
  • Obstruction of public right-of-ways
  • FOG Inspection violations