An aquatic facility was identified as a priority recreation facility in the Teton County Recreation Master Plan. The Driggs City Council is exploring the feasibility of an aquatic facility in partnership with the nonprofit Teton Valley Aquatics (TVA).

The city and TVA are jointly funding a $30,000 feasibility study, being produced by a design team led by VCBO Architects and including Water Design Inc and Ballard-King & Associates. The scope of work and estimated schedule are provided below. Updates and work products will be posted in the right sidebar.

For more information, please contact Doug Self, Driggs Community Development Director at 208-354-2362 x2111 or .

Feasibility Study Scope of Work

Task I - Needs Analysis

In consultation with the project team composed of Teton Valley Aquatics board members, city staff and city Parks Committee members and chaired by Richard Weinbrandt, Ph.D., P.E., the consultant will establish current and future aquatic facility needs and review and analyze demographics and market. The facility will provide a variety of programs for the community and its visitors, including learn to swim, health & fitness, rehabilitation, and competitive swimming, as well as sports training and events that draw athletes from outside of the community. As a base case the alternatives will use costs based on use of conventional utilities. For the preferred alternative the use of geothermally heated water from a well to heat the facility, heat the pools and create a series of outside hot pools will be considered. The geothermal water case will consider 3 levels of geothermal well performance specified by TVA in terms of flow rate, flowing temperature and flowing pressure. In all cases water salinity will be less than 500 mg/l. The hot pools can develop into a destination resort which will have a major impact on location. Once the market and demographic analysis is complete, VCBO will prepare a design program and preferred locations within the City for the center to be constructed, including above space needs and preferences. VCBO will use the location independent facility program identified in the cases above, in at least 3 locations identified by TVA within Teton Valley.

Task II - Conceptual Facility Designs

VCBO will work with the project team to develop up to three conceptual designs and assist the project team on a preferred facility design concept. VCBO will also work with the project team to develop any capital or operational cost limitations for the facility. While working on the concept designs, VCBO understands the construction process may be phased to address funding constraints. The conceptual designs will be location independent so that multiple location choices can be considered.

Task 3. Development of Construction Costs, Operational Costs and Revenue Analysis

For each of the three facility design concepts, VCBO will also develop probable construction costs and a time schedule for the construction to take place, including details for each major piece of equipment. This cost estimate will include phasing. The cost estimate will be of sufficient detail to be in a range of plus or minus 10% of the actual construction cost and shall contain sufficient detail for use in bonding, revenue campaigns or construction bids. VCBO will also develop and provide to TVA operating budgets containing project program revenue and operating costs for each proposed concept design. The operating budget shall include at least 20 years and address possible changes in revenue and costs. This budget shall be in a range of plus or minus 10% of the actual costs and the actual revenue and also address the potential need for scheduled maintenance.


Kick off meeting 23 March

Task 1 23 April

Task 2 14 May

Public meeting 16 May

Task 3 11 June

Public meeting 25 June

Six team meetings evenly spaced in this period.

Project Team:

Richard Weinbrandt, Ph.D., P.E., TVA Board and Project Team Chair

Kelly Sadauckas, TVA Board Chair

Wray Landon, TVA Board Secretary

Eva Marmsater, TVA Board Treasurer

Rick Smith, TVA Board

Sven Taow, TVA Board

John Riley, TVA Board

Katie Hoskinson, TVA Executive Director

Rick Baldwin, City Parks & Recreation Committee

Doug Self, City Community Development Director

Jay Mazalewski, P.E., Public Works Director