The city of Driggs has secured funding through the Idaho Broadband grant program that will allow Silver Star to expand its fiber-optic network in the city. The new “Fiberhood,” as Silver Star calls it, extends east of Main Street and along Ski Hill Road from Cottonwood Corner to Miller Ranch Road.

This grant opportunity will bring residents of the new Fiberhood a fiber connection to their home, at no construction cost to the homeowner, provided the owner signs up for construction this year. An online map shows the exact boundaries of the area approved for fiber build-out. Driggs residents should visit the Fiberhood Finder on the Silver Star website, enter their address and sign up for Silver Star to construct fiber to their home. The funding guidelines require construction to be completed by December 15, so community participation and support is critical.

Visit and click on the FIBERHOOD FINDER button at the top of the page. If you scroll down on the Driggs, ID page from there, the grant area is called Driggs Area 3 CARES*.

To sign up, enter your house number and zip code to choose an address from a drop down. Then fill out a form. Once that form is submitted, you will receive an automated email with a DocuSign permission form. (Note: some of these emails are landing in email spam and junk folders so it is best to check those if you do not immediately receive the DocuSign.) This will need to be signed and submitted (you will receive an email confirmation that it has been signed) in order for Silver Star to establish the path (a process also known as “Staking”) from the street to the home. Once established, Silver Star will construct what is called a “drop”. A drop is the act of trenching or boring into the ground to place the conduit in which fiber is delivered to the home.** Part of this process involves splicing the fiber from the road to the home. Once this is complete and the fiber is “turned up” or live, customers can call and schedule a technician to come to the home and finalize the service installation.

Home Visit Package (pdf) - contains:

  • Current service speeds/pricing for fiber
  • Project overview
  • An explanation of the benefits of fiber
  • What to expect
  • Things to be aware of about landscaping during the staking and the drop process (Note: Homeowners will need to let Silver Star know where any private utilities are such irrigation/sprinkler lines to avoid damage)
  • Frequently asked questions

*Areas 1 & 2 in the FIBERHOOD FINDER are not part of the CARES area but are being addressed as part of our longer term 10-year/$100M investment that we announced late last year. People can still register in these areas but the Driggs Area 3 CARES area will be the priority.