Amendment of Title 4, Chapter 2 (Nuisances)

In 2014 City Council pursued amendments to the Driggs Nuisance Ordinance in order to address property maintenance concerns in the City.  The identified goal at that time was to improve the enforceability of the nuisance ordinance and then focus on property maintenance in commercial zones, moving to residential areas in time.  Staff and Council worked for a number of months on the updates which included updated enforcement standards as well as commercial and residential property maintenance standards and in the spring of 2015 the City experienced a large outcry from the community regarding concerns over the amendments.  Council directed staff to form a “Nuisance Amendment Working Group” as a result of the public response.  The group met monthly over the course of six months and drafted an ordinance amendment that focused solely on residential nuisances. Two readings were completed of the draft ordinance amendment but at the scheduled 3rd reading the Council determined that the working group be disbanded and the ordinance as proposed was tabled. In September of 2016, staff recommended that the Nuisance Ordinance amendments move forward but address the original 2014 goals of the update which were to enhance enforceability of the ordinance, then focus on commercial property maintenance, and address residential property maintenance last.  On January 16, 2018, City Council considered a phased approach for addressing the Nuisance Ordinance amendments.  The staff report summarizing the project and Phases is available below. 

At the February 6, 2018 City Council meeting, Council considered proposed ordinance amendments that would aim to make the enforcement of the Nuisance Ordinance more straight-forward and to modify the fee schedule to be clearer. The plan that was considered can be found in the 2/6/18 staff report below.  Council recommended additional changes that staff will present for consideration.

Staff will bring these changes back to City Council in Spring of 2018, meeting to be determined.  Updates will be posted before the meeting and information is available at City Hall anytime during normal business hours. 


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You can find the existing Driggs Nuisance Ordinance here.

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