Appendix A- Design Standards & Guidelines Amendment

A Zoning Ordinance Amendment is proposed to amend the Design Standards and Guidelines, known as Appendix A of the Land Development Code.  

The primary purpose of the proposed amendments is to update the zone names and standards to be consistent with the new zone names and design standards that were adopted as part of the new the Land Development Code. Other edits and updates are also being proposed to eliminate redundancy, clarify processes, and address building types.

Review Steps:

P&Z Commission 2/8/17 - Recommended to City Council that the edits be approved with the condition that the graphics depicting the Downtown Master Plan for the NW block shall be updated with the new version approved by DURA and City Council.

City Council 4/4/17- Public Hearing and possible decision. 

P&Z Recommended Draft showing the red-line changes to Appendix A:

Appendix A- Design Standards & Guidelines- DRAFT
Public review draft for City Council public hearing on 4/4/17