Zone Change Request: Area of Impact (AOI R-3 to AOI C-3)

Last Updated 3/12/19

Project Summary:

The applicant, Dean Rodatos, requested the rezone of Lot 2, Block 1 of Teton Peaks View Subdivision, an 8.82 acre parcel.  The property is located north of, and currently not contiguous with, the Driggs City limits, within the Driggs Area of Impact and is bordered by Casper Drive on the south and Hwy 33 on the west.  The parcel is currently zoned Area of Impact Multi-Family Residential (R-3), is located within the Airport Traffic Pattern Overlay, and 330’ of the parcel is located within the Design Review Overlay.  The applicant has requested a rezone to the Area of Impact Service & Highway Commercial (C-3) Zone.  The applicant is pursuing the rezone in an effort to potentially develop contractor shops and food & beverage processing facilities.  The applicant has also described a handful of other potential uses on the lot including a fitness/recreation facility and a potential motel/lodging.  No specific development application has been submitted for the parcel at this time.  Since this parcel is located in the Area of Impact, the review process outlined in the Area of Impact Agreement requires a public hearing with P&Z in order to make a zone change recommendation to City Council.  City Council is also required to hold a public hearing and make a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners which will then hold a public hearing and make a final decision.  On 1/9/19, Driggs P&Z recommended approval of the rezone with the condition that the entire parcel be included in the Driggs Design Review Overlay. City Council held a public hearing on 2/5/19 and recommended denial of the rezone based on the finding that the project contradicts with specific Comprehensive Plan objectives related to the appropriate timing of commercial development.  The Teton County Board of County Commissioners held a public hearing on 3/11/19 and denied the project. 

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Past Meetings: 1/9/19 P&Z Public Hearing

   2/5/19 City Council (Public Hearing)

   3/11/19 BoCC Public Hearing

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1/9/19 P&Z Staff Report

2/5/19 City Council Staff Report

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Narrative (12/3/18)


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