Water & Wastewater Utility Rates




   Base Utility Fees per ERU:                                 Hardship Fees per ERU:

          Water     $30                                                            Water     $20

          Sewer    $35                                                            Sewer     $25

   Monthly Water & Sewer Usage (Flow) Rates:

                                                            Water                       Sewer

                    per 1,000 gallons         $1.00                        $1.00

Sewer usage is based on meter readings taken for the months of November - April (non-irrigation months) and averaged; for sewer only and less than six month accounts, a City average will be calculated and applied.  Utility bills shall be sent to the property owner of record.

Outside City Limits:   All rates & fees for water & sewer users outside the corporate city limits of Driggs shall be 1.5 times the in-city rates & fees.

Extra Water Taps:  Billed and served at the same rate as a water service. Where flow from an extra tap does not result in additional sewer flow, such extra water taps will not be charged for sewer service. 

Fire Hydrant Water:  The rate for water used by companies, excluding City and County Road & Fire Departments, shall be 1.5 times the 0.75” line water base rate for every 10,000 gallons purchased.

New User Deposit:  New users shall pay a deposit in the amount of $150.  This will be credited back to the account after 6 months, if the account remains in good standing.  Click here for information on new connections and to activate service.

Utility Account Service Forms

New Utility Connections (for new construction)

For information on establishing a new water and/or sewer connection due to new construction, please visit the Public Works webpage, here.


Tracy McNeiley, Utility Clerk 208-354-2362 ext 2100


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