Water & Sewer Connections

All new residences or commercial buildings within the City of Driggs, or within 300' of an existing sewer line, are required to connect to the City’s utility system.  See Application forms to the right to apply for a service connection and set up a utility account. 

Water Supply Fixture Units (WSFU), as specified and enumerated in the Uniform Plumbing Code, shall be used to determine water and sewer connection fees. All connection fees must be paid in full prior to approval of a building permit or commencement of the service, whichever comes first. If a new structure is not within 300' of an existing line, a building permit will not be issued until the owner either negotiates with the City to extend water and/or sewer lines, or purchases a septic permit from District 7 Health Department.

Water Connection

Water Connection fees for sites within the corporate limits of the City, are shown below for a 1 inch connection. All rates and fees for water users outside the corporate city limits of Driggs shall be 1.5 times the in-city fee. 

1" Line Connection Cost $1,785
1" Line Meter Fee $205
MXU Fee $163
Install of Both $65
TOTAL for 1" Line Connection  $2,218

Connection fees for larger connections within the City limits are listed on the attached document, here.

Sewer Connection

For sites within corporate limits of the City, the minimum sewer hookup fee shall be $2,625 for a structure with 25 WSFU or less. Structures with greater than 25 WSFU shall be charged $105 per Water Supply Fixture Unit (WSFU). WSFU counts for hose bibs and water sprinklers will not be included in the WSFU count used to determine sewer hookup fees. All rates and fees for sewer users outside the corporate city limits of Driggs shall be 1.5 times the in-city fee. 

Damage Deposit

If the connection requires excavation in the right-of-way, a refundable road damage deposit is required prior to approval of the connection. Minimum road damage deposit is $2,000. If during the construction a fire hydrant is damaged, a $3,000 fee may apply.

Construction or Bulk Water Purchases

The City of Driggs does not allow the public or contractors to connect to fire hydrants for bulk water purposes. Instead the city provides a fill location at the City Public Works Shop. Click here for the Bulk Water Application Form.