Idaho State law (the Local Planning Act, Chapter 67-6516) requires the city to "provide as part of the zoning ordinance for the processing of applications for variance permits."

The City of Driggs Land Development Code defines a variance as: "a modification of the [zoning requirements] for lot size, lot coverage, width, depth, front yard, side yard, rear yard, setbacks, parking space, height of buildings, or other ordinance provisions affecting the size or shape of a structure, the placement of the structure upon lots, or the size of the lot." A variance does not include a change of authorized land use.

State law further states that "a variance shall not be considered a right or special privilege, but may be granted to an applicant only upon a showing of undue hardship because of characteristics of the site and that the variance is not in conflict with the public interest.”

Please refer to Article 14.8 of the Land Development Code for more information regarding Driggs’ review process and approval criteria for Variances.

Application Fee: $710

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