Purpose: Implement a Local Improvement District (LID) to reconstruct Valley Centre Drive and Moraine Court east of Valley Centre Drive to city standards in order that ownership and maintenance responsibility for the roads can be transferred over to the city.

Process/Schedule:  The process for creation and execution of the LID is:

  • City Council Adopts Resolution of Intent to Organize Valley Centre LID (Completed)
  • City Council Adoption of Resolution of Intent to Create Valley Centre LID - establishing a hearing date on the proposed LID Boundaries, Cost and Cost Allocation Method (Completed).
    • Publication and Mailing of Notice of Hearing (Completed)
    • Adoption and Publication of Ordinance Creating LID (Completed)
    • Procurement of a Design/Project Engineer (Contract w/ Keller Associates on 8/21/18 City Council Agenda)
    • Final Design and Construction Drawings (summer - Fall 2018)
    • Road Deeds Transfer (Fall 2018
    • Publication of Call for Bids (Winter 2018/2019)
    • Resolution Awarding Contract (Winter 2018/2019)
    •  Interim Financing (Winter/Spring 2019)
    • Construction (Summer 2019)
    • Resolution Setting Assessment Roll Hearing (Summer/Fall 2019)
    • Hearing on Assessment Roll (Summer/Fall 2019)
    • Adoption and Publication of Ordinance Confirming Assessment Roll (Summer/Fall 2019)
    • Filing of Notice of Confirmation Assessments with County Recorder (Summer/Fall 2019)

Background: Valley Centre Drive and Moraine Court east of Valley Centre Drive have become significantly deteriorated and the city has received many complaints. These roads were platted as privately owned and were to be maintained by the property owners association. Because the property owners association has not been able to organize to the extent necessary to maintain the roads, the city has proposed that it would accept ownership and maintain the roads if/when they were rebuilt to city standards, and that it was willing to organize a local improvement district (LID) to fund those improvements. Additionally, the city, as a property owner (park and well lot) in the development, will fund its allocated portion and may also utilize sales tax and/or impact fee funds.

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April 3, 2018 - The City Council adopted Ordinance 387-18, creating Local Improvement District 2018-1 and directed staff to procure a design engineer for the project. Once the design is completed and an updated cost estimate is received, the City Council will consider whether to advertise for bids. If the project moves forward, it is likely to be constructed in the summer of 2019.

December 5, 2017 - The City Council considered additional feedback gathered by the Community Development Director from property owners and reaffirmed the November 9th motion to move forward with consideration of the ordinance to create the local improvement district. The City Council concluded that there were several opportunities to reduce the project cost while still achieving a standard city street design. The City Council also concluded that moving forward to the bidding phase with the full design is the most appropriate action and that once bids are received, it would be able to reduce the scope of improvements if necessary.

November 9, 2017 - The City Council held a continuation of the October 17, 2017 public hearing for protests of the proposed LID 2017-1. The city council adopted a motion (with the Mayor breaking a tie vote in favor of the motion) stating that the city council would "proceed with LID 2017-1 as proposed and request an ordinance be prepared in accordance with Idaho Statutes with a note that Council needs feedback from a potential HOA of at least two options on how they would like the city to proceed by the December 5th Council meeting".

October 17, 2017 - The City Council heard protests and other comments regarding the proposed LID 2017-1 at the public hearing on October 17, 2017. The City Council extended the public hearing to the Thursday, November 9, 2017 City Council meeting where the city council is expected to make a decision on whether to 1) move forward with the LID as proposed, 2) modify the proposed LID, which may include deleting some improvements, removing property from the district or changing the cost allocation method (to ensure fair allocation of costs), or 3) abandon or pause the LID process in order that a master property owners association be given more time to develop. View the staff report here. City Council minutes will be posted in the November 9, 2017 agenda packet here.

September 15, 2017 - The City of Driggs City Council has adopted Resolution No. 328-17 declaring its intention to create Local Improvement District 2017-1 for the purpose of reconstruction of Valley Centre Drive and Moraine Court between Valley Centre Drive and Hwy 33. The city council decided to include sidewalks on both sides of Valley Centre Drive and the north side of Moraine Court, but to allocate the costs of sidewalk construction to all properties in the district using the same method as the road cost allocation: by lot area method. The public hearing date has been set for 6:30pm on Tuesday, October 17, 2017.  Written protests and objections to the creation of L.I.D. No. 2017-1 or to the manner of assessment or inclusion of property therein may be filed with the City Clerk at or before four o'clock P.M. (4 pm) on Wednesday, October 11, 2017, by any owner of any parcel of land to be assessed.

July 25, 2017 -  The City of Driggs City Council has reviewed the conceptual design and engineer’s cost estimate for the Valley Centre & Moraine Court road reconstruction project. The final engineer’s cost estimate assumes a worst case scenario of needing to replace 12 inches of sub base with new pit run material. While core tests of the road showed that much of the existing sub base could be retained, the engineer and Driggs Public Works Director recommended (and the City Council agreed) that a worst case scenario be used for cost estimating purposes. Additionally, the City Council concluded that missing sidewalks (with the exception of the south side of Moraine Court, where there is a canal conflict) should also be included in the project, with costs assigned to adjacent property owners on a lineal foot basis.

The Engineer’s Estimate:

Road Construction = $673,287.31

Contingency @25% = $168,321.83

Survey, Design & Construction Administration = $134,657.46

Materials Testing = $37,872.41

Road Construction Total: $1,014,139

Sidewalk Construction = $196,335.97

Contingency @25% = $49,083.99

Survey, Design & Construction Administration = $39,267.20

Materials Testing = $11,043.90

Sidewalk Construction Total: $295,731

Because the engineer’s cost estimate is substantially higher than the original project estimate, the City Council is once again looking for owner input before proceeding with the official public hearing to consider creation of the local improvement district, which would assess property owners (including the city itself as the largest contributor) for the cost of the project. The City Council is also considering a shorter loan and payback period of 10 years.

Comments may be entered via online form, by email to or via phone to 208-354-2362 ext. 2111.

The City Council will then consider this input at their September 5, 2017 regular meeting and decide whether to move forward with the required public hearing to create the Local Improvement District, or to modify the proposal or to abandon the LID option. If the City Council elects to create the district either as proposed or with revisions, the city would work to obtain ownership of the roads so that the city could take over winter maintenance.

If the city council finds that significantly less than two thirds of property owners are in support of the LID after reviewing the updated cost information, then the city would again work to facilitate creation of a master property owners association to maintain Valley Centre Drive and Moraine Court. The city would also continue to contribute towards maintenance of these roads as a property owner (Valley Centre Park and the city well lot).

Questions may be directed to Doug Self, Driggs Community Development Director at or 208-354-2362 x2111. Additionally, an informational open house is scheduled for Tuesday, August 8th from 5:30pm to 6:30pm at Driggs City Hall (60 S Main St).