Purpose: Implement a Local Improvement District (LID) to reconstruct Valley Centre Drive and Moraine Court east of Valley Centre Drive to city standards in order that ownership and maintenance responsibility for the roads can be transferred over to the city.

Process/Schedule:  The process for creation and execution of the LID is:

  • City Council Adopts Resolution of Intent to Organize Valley Centre LID (Completed)
  • City Council Adoption of Resolution of Intent to Create Valley Centre LID - establishing a hearing date on the proposed LID Boundaries, Cost and Cost Allocation Method (Completed).
    • Publication and Mailing of Notice of Hearing (Completed)
    • Adoption and Publication of Ordinance Creating LID (Completed)
    • Procurement of a Design/Project Engineer (Contract w/ Keller Associates approved 8/21/18)
    • Preliminary(50%) Design and Estimate Review (12/18/18 City Council Meeting)
    • Final (90%) Design and Estimate Review (2/22/19 City Council Meeting)
      • The City Council intends for this meeting to include a public open house on the project. The 90% Design Documents and Cost Estimate will be posted on this page for comment prior to the meeting and emailed to persons that have expressed interest in the project (which persons may do by emailing
    • Road Deed Transfer (completed)
    • Publication of Call for Bids (February 2019)
    • Resolution Awarding Contract (March 2019)
    •  Interim Financing (Spring 2019)
    • Construction (Summer 2019)
    • Resolution Setting Assessment Roll Hearing (Summer/Fall 2019)
    • Hearing on Assessment Roll (Summer/Fall 2019)
    • Adoption and Publication of Ordinance Confirming Assessment Roll (Summer/Fall 2019)
    • Filing of Notice of Confirmation Assessments with County Recorder (Summer/Fall 2019)

Background: Valley Centre Drive and Moraine Court east of Valley Centre Drive have become significantly deteriorated and the city has received many complaints. These roads were platted as privately owned and were to be maintained by the property owners association. Because the property owners association has not been able to organize to the extent necessary to maintain the roads, the city has proposed that it would accept ownership and maintain the roads if/when they were rebuilt to current city standards, and that it was willing to organize a local improvement district (LID) to fund those improvements. Additionally, the city, as a property owner (park and well lot) in the development, will fund its allocated portion and may also utilize sales tax and/or impact fee funds.

Related Documents:

Preliminary (50%) Design

Preliminary (50%) Cost Estimate

Preliminary Design Staff Report to City Council (12-18-18 meeting)




December 18, 2018 - The City Council reviewed the 50% design documents and cost estimate presented by Keller Associates. Keller Associates noted that substantial cost savings were likely from the ability to reuse the existing sub base material, but that for now the cost estimate showed full replacement of the sub base. The City Council directed that costs for the bus pullouts and the additional realignment work on the west portion of Moraine Ct be removed from the LID cost allocation. The City Council also requested that the sidewalk cost be broken out for developed vs not developed properties so that the city may consider not completing sidewalk along undeveloped properties. The City Council discussed how to also credit those properties and developments that had previously constructed sidewalk improvements that would be incorporated and those undeveloped properties that would be required to install sidewalk in the future at the point of development.

August 21, 2018 - The city executed a contract with Keller Associates, who will serve as the project engineer, providing design and construction engineering and assistance with preparation of the LID assessment roll. Preliminary (50%) Design documents and construction cost estimate will be presented to the City Council on 12/18/18. Final design documents and estimate are expected to be presented to the City Council on February 5, 2018.

April 3, 2018 - The City Council adopted Ordinance 387-18, creating Local Improvement District 2018-1 and directed staff to procure a design engineer for the project. Once the design is completed and an updated cost estimate is received, the City Council will consider whether to advertise for bids. If the project moves forward, it is likely to be constructed in the summer of 2019.