Request for a Vacation of previously recorded subdivisions (or portions thereof), easements or public rights-of-way can be requested using one of the the two applications below. Depending on the impact of the proposed changes, a vacation applicant is required to complete either a Significant or Insignificant Vacation Plat Amendment application. To qualify as an Insignificant Plat Amendment (the simplest of the two processes), the City Council must find that the vacation:

  1. Does not reduce the area of designated open space or increase the number of lots.
  2. Does not significantly affect block layout, roads, connectivity, utilities or other facilities.
  3. Does not change the uses approved, or the location of where certain uses are approved.
  4. Does not increase or create new and potentially substantial direct impact on the immediate neighborhood, subdivision or overall community.

If a vacation does not meet the above criteria, the applicant must complete a Significant Vacation Plat Amendment application.

Code References:

For more information regarding application requirements, approval criteria and review processes, please refer to section 14.13.4 of the Land Development Code for Insignificant Vacation applications and section 14.13.5 for Significant Vacation applications.

Application Fee: $1,215

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