Subdivision/Planned Unit Development (PUD)

A Subdivision Review is required for any subdivision of land into 2 or more parcels, dedication of a street or alley through any tract of land and condominium or townhouse project.  If a subdivision results in just two lots and does not require an extension or alteration of public utilities, it may be eligible for the Lot Split process. Please click here for more on the lot split process.


Concept Plan: $215
Preliminary Plat: $2,475
Final Plat: $100 per lot
Short Plat (Prelim. & Final): $1,185


Short Plat Eligibility (see Section 14.5.5)

Depending on the impact of the proposed changes, a subdivision applicant is required to complete either a Short Plat or Full Plat application. To qualify for a Short Plat process (a process that enables the applicant to skip Concept Plan Review and submit a Preliminary and Final Plat concurrently), the City Council must find that the subdivision:

  1. Does not result in more than 5 lots.
  2. Does not require the extension or alteration of public utilities (other than individual service lines) or other municipal facilities.
  3. Does not involve new street dedications or street widening.
  4. Does not lie wholly or in part within the Conservation District, Floodplain Overlay, or a resource protection area identified by the Land Development Code.

If a subdivision does not meet the above criteria, the applicant must complete a Full Plat application.

Full Plat (see Section 14.5.6)

A Full Plat approval is a three-step process. Click here for a flow chart.

1. Concept Plan review by P&Z Administrator
2. Preliminary Plat review/approval by P&Z Commission & City Council
3. Improvements installed
4. Final plat review by City Council & recording




Application Forms

Application - Concept Plan
Application - Subdivision 
Application - Extension Request
Subdivision Process Flow Chart


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