Special Event Permit

This Permit is required for public and private events such as outdoor gatherings, parades, carnivals, fairs, outdoor concerts, or races that occur infrequently and occur in a facility or on a property that is beyond the scope of normal operation. Events that anticipate 50+ people, 2+ vendors, or could cause a public impact via disturbance, crowd, traffic/parking or disruption of the normal routine of the community or affected neighborhood are also subject to this permit unless exempted (Ordinance 379-17).

If the event is located on city property, a reservation and fee may also be required. Please contact the Clerk's Office for all inquiries on city property.

Special Event Permit Ordinance 379-17 

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Special events located on public property 

Kreslyn Schuehler, City Clerk
208-354-2362 ext 2103
Tracy McNeiley, Utility Clerk
208-354-2362 ext 2100


Special events on private property

Annie Dell'Isola, Deputy Planning & Zoning Administrator