Shoshoni Plains Ph IVB Plat Amendment 

 Updated 6/26/18

The city recently approved a significant PLAT AMENDMENT application from Western Teton Development, LLC represented by Clair Rood and Eagle Rock Engineering for the Shoshoni Plains Phase IVB Subdivision. The subdivision was platted in 2008 and infrastructure was partially installed. The developer requested to re-activate the subdivision by submitting a modified plat and updated infrastructure improvement plans and an associated Development Agreement. The proposed amendment will vacate the north 12 associated lots and split 4 lots into 8. The net effect of these changes will reduce the total number of lots from 32 to 24. 

Review Schedule & Steps:

  1. P&Z Commission- public hearing & possible recommendation on Preliminary Plat
    1.  3/14/18  - continued to next meeting (meeting minutes)
    2. 4/11/18 - recommended approval w/ conditions (meeting minutes)
  2. City Council- public hearing & possible decision on Preliminary Plat
    1. 5/15/18  - continued to next meeting
    2. 6/5/18 - Approved the Preliminary Plat for the Plat Amendment with conditions
  3. Improvements (roads, utilities, sidewalks) required to be installed in 2 years (6/4/2020)
  4. City Council (Date TBD)- public meeting to review the Final Plat and confirm improvements are installed
  5. If approved, Final Plat recorded and lots can be sold.

Staff Report & Analysis: 

Staff Report  - P&Z Commission meeting and public hearing (3/14/18) 

Staff Report -  P&Z Commission meeting and recommendation to approve w/ conditions (4/11/18) 

P&Z Findings of Fact

Staff Report and public comments - City Council meeting & public hearing (5/15/18)

Staff Report - City Council meeting (6/5/18)


Project Information:

Shoshoni Plains Master Plan (3-29-18)

Shoshoni Plains PhIV-B Plat- original

Preliminary plat- proposed (5-3-18)

Development Agreement (5-31-18)

CC&Rs (3-27-18)

Improvement Plans (5-3-18)

Improvement Plans- original (5-14-18)

Improvements cost estimate (5-16-18)

Will Serve letter - draft

Letter of Credit proposal



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