Quality of Life Improvements

This economic development strategy acknowledges that Teton Valley attracts visitors, new residents and investors because of the exceptional quality of life that is offered here, and that building on this solid foundation is one of the best investments towards our future success. Continual improvement in the following categories are being pursued by the city and its economic development partners:

Quality Education

Quality education has been identified as one of the top attributes prospective new residents and business owners look for in a community. Implementation of this strategy in the Teton County School District is spearheaded by the Teton Valley Education Foundation. Private schools such as the Teton Valley Community School and The Learning Academy also pursue quality education in Teton Valley.

Diverse Recreation & Sport Activities

The amazing diversity and quality of recreational and sporting activities in Teton Valley is the primary attraction for visitors and new residents. Despite all of the recreational pursuits available, there is still room for improvement. A number of partners are involved in this strategy, including Teton Valley Trails and Pathways, Teton Valley Recreation Association, Teton Valley Foundation, the cities of Driggs and Victor, Grand Targhee Resort, and the US Forest Service, to name a few.

A Vibrant Downtown

The city recognizes that a vibrant downtown is critical to the success of the city as a whole, and works in partnership with two primary entities - Driggs Urban Renewal Agency, and Downtown Driggs Community Association - to improve the downtown area for businesses, visitors and the community. In this section, you will find reports, information and plans related to downtown improvements.

Mobility - Transit, Pathways

Ease of transportation is critical to the success of any visitor/tourism economy, along with choice in travel mode (car, bus, bike, etc.). To improve both of these factors (referred to here as mobility), the city works with an ad-hoc transportation planning group called the Teton Valley Mobility Advisory Committee (TVMAC), with members from City of Victor, Teton County, Grand Targhee Resort, LINX Transportation Coop, and Teton Valley Trails and Pathways. This group develops investment priorities that are adopted into the State of Idaho planning document called the Local Mobility Management Network (6B) Plan, which can be downloaded from this section. The city also works with the Teton Valley Trails and Pathways on local and valley-wide pathways planning. This section discusses some of the current mobility projects.

Art, Events and Community Involvement

A healthy social and civic life is inherent in a successful community. A few of the many groups that work to enhance this aspect of our quality of life include the Teton Arts Council, Teton Valley Foundation, Community Foundation of Teton Valley, Downtown Driggs Community Association and Seniors West of the Tetons. A full listing of all community organizations can be found on the CFTV website. CFTV also hosts the Community Events Calendar.

Quality Public Services

From street maintenance to utility payments, the city strives to improve the efficiency and quality of its services and operations.