Driggs Adopts New City-Wide Zoning

Wednesday, October 19, 2016, updated June 2017

The City of Driggs joins the City of Victor in adopting a new Land Development Code. While there are some regulations that vary between the jurisdictions, the Code’s format, zone names, definitions, and processes are largely the same. The cities in partnership with Teton County, Idaho reviewed a land development code that was prepared by a consultant and funded by a regional planning grant from HUD. Significant public participation and outreach, aided by the consultant Code Studio, in 2013-2104 resulted in a totally re-engineered land use code. The Driggs P&Z Commission committed all of 2015 to reviewing and revising the Code and concluded in May 2016 with a recommended draft Code and Zone Map for the public and City Council to consider. Driggs City Council held work sessions during the spring and public hearings this past summer. The Council ultimately adopted the Code and Zone Map in September and it became effective on September 29, 2016.

The new Code and Zone Map, including a new Airport Overlay Zone, are available on the website: www.tetonvalleycode.org/driggs. The website is also home to the Codes for the City of Victor and the draft Code for Teton County, Idaho. The city hopes that the public will appreciate the new format that uses graphics and full color pictures to explain the regulations. It’s also written in plain language making it easier to understand and interpret. The Code now contains a Use Table so property owners, Realtors®, and prospective businesses can identify in one place of the Code where certain land uses are permitted. Greater flexibility in land uses and housing types are offered in exchange for some predictability in how a site will be built out so there are new standards for building placement (setbacks and build-to-zones). New garage setbacks and parking lot locations are also included to support a pedestrian-friendly streetscape.  Before pursuing a building permit, buying or selling property, or opening a business please check with the Driggs Planning Office to find out how these new regulations impact the property.

The Code was recently reviewed 6 months post-adoption and amendments have been made effective June 2017.