Lot Split

A Lot Split is a simplified alternative to the Subdivision process that allows subdivision of lots under the following conditions:

  1. The number of resulting lots does not exceed 2.
  2. The lot is a Lot of Record and has not been divided since December 1, 1992.
  3. Each proposed lot meets the requirements of the Land Development Code and other applicable adopted plans and policies.
  4. The division does not require the extension of public utilities (other than individual service lines) and no substantial alteration of existing utilities is involved.
  5. The division does not require new public streets, and each proposed lot has either approved access to an existing public street or a recorded easement.

Any subdivisions of lots that do not meet these conditions are required to undergo the Subdivision process

Application Form

Application Fee: $450


Code Reference

Section 14.5.4 of the Land Development Code further outlines the application requirements and review process for a Lot Split.

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