Land Development Code Annual Review (2018)

Last Updated 5/21/18

Staff and the P&Z Commission are working on an annual review of the Land Development Code to make corrections, updates and clarifications.

Annual Review & Adoption Schedule



Work Session



Work Session



Work Session



Public Hearing & possible recommendation

Summer 2018


Public Hearing & possible decision

Summer 2018


Ordinance Adoption & publication



Code Adoption History

6 Month Post-Adoption Review (Feb-June 2017)

A new Land Development Code was adopted 9/29/16 by the City of Driggs after working in conjunction with Teton County and the City of Victor in order to re-format the previous Zoning and Subdivision Codes to be more user-friendly, graphic based, offer greater flexibility in housing options, and support the design character of Driggs. The adopted Land Development Code evolved from a 3+ year public process covering the entire Teton Valley, which hosted community design workshops, presentations, and open houses facilitated by the consultant, Code Studio. The text of the Land Development Code is divided into 15 chapters. Before being officially adopted by City Council in September of 2016, all Chapters were reviewed in depth by staff, the P&Z Commission and City Council during a number of work sessions and public hearings.  When the Code was adopted the Council requested that the Code be reviewed in 6 months. Staff then compiled a list of edits needed that were identified when implementing and applying the Code in the last 6 months or were suggested by the public. These edits were adopted by City Council and the revised Code is effective as of 6/15/2017. Please contact the Planning & Zoning Dept to view a copy of the revised Code.

Code “6-month Check-in” Review & Adoption Schedule



Work Session



Work Session







Ordinance  Adoption- 2nd  & 3rd Reading

Staff Report


Ordinance published & effective


New Land Development Code Adoption (11/2012-9/2016)

Ordinance 374-16 adopted a new Land Development Code and Zoning Map and became effective on 9/29/16. Click here to view the Zone map and Code. Visit for more information on project history.



Meeting History


City Council Ordinance Adoption- 3rd Reading 9/20/16

Land Development Code adopted as Ordinance 374-16. City Council requested that the Code be reviewed in 6 months. 

City Council Ordinance Adoption- 2nd Reading 9/6/2016


City Council Public Hearing II & 1st reading of the Ordinance

City Council completed the 2nd public hearing on 8/16/16 which covered the entire Land Use Code (Articles 1-15 & the Zoning Map). Council voted to approve the Ordinance, but only considered it first read. Council requested a clean copy of the Ordinance to be reviewed at their following meeting on 9/6/16 for a 2nd reading. 

City Council Public Hearing I

City Council held their 1st public hearing scheduled on 7/19/16 to discuss Articles 1-7, 9 & the Zoning Map. Council recommended material changes to the zone map recommended by P&Z and changes to Article 2 and 5. These changes will be reviewed under a follow up public hearing on 8/16/16.

P&Z Public Hearing VI

P&Z held a public hearing on 7/13/16 to re-review Article 14- Administration after edits were suggested by City Council during their work session review. 

P&Z Public Hearing V

P&Z has completed the bulk of their review, but re-reviewed Article 9.3 Airport Overlay Zone, 10 & Zone Map on 5/19/16.

P&Z Public Hearing IV

P&Z held their fourth Public Hearing on March 9, 2016 to review Articles 12, 14, and 15.  All Articles are posted on the project website: including the proposed Zoning Map. 

P&Z recommended adoption of Article 12,14, and 15 (with modifications) along with all Articles as previously recommended for adoption.

P&Z Public Hearing III

P&Z held their 3rd public hearing on the Land Use Code on November 4, 2015  to review Articles 1, 3, and 9-15 and the Zoning Map. All Articles are posted on the project including the proposed Zoning Map. 

  •         Article 1- General Provisions and Zoning Map
  •         Article 3- Rural Districts
  •         Article 9- Special Districts
  •         Article 10- Use Provisions
  •         Article 11- Site Development (parking, landscaping, signs, and outdoor lighting)
  •         Article 12- Streets & Public Improvements (additional review w/ P&Z)
  •         Article 13- Resource Protection
  •         Article 14- Administration (additional review w/ P&Z)
  •         Article 15- Definitions (additional review w/ P&Z)

P&Z recommended approval of Articles 1, 3, 9-11 & 13 and the Zoning Map with modifications.  


P&Z Public Hearings I & II

A 30-day public review period of Articles 2, 4-8, and 11 was promoted on the project and via regular ads in the Teton Valley News from August 13 - September 23, 2015. Following the 30-day public review period, the Planning & Zoning Commission held a public hearing at the September 23, 2015 meeting and moved to continue the hearing at the regularly scheduled October 14, 2015 meeting in order to take additional public comment. P&Z made a recommendation to City Council to adopt only Articles 2, and 4-8 by Ordinance and requested that their recommendation not move forward to City Council until P&Z held a public hearing for the remainder of the Articles and zone map. 

  •         Article 2- Measurements & Exceptions
  •         Article 4- Residential Districts
  •         Article 5- Mixed Use Districts
  •         Article 6- Industrial Districts
  •         Article 7- Civic, Conservation & Recreation Districts
  •         Article 8- Building Types
  •         Article 11- Site Development (standards for parking, landscaping, signs, and outdoor lighting)

These Articles generally cover the development standards for proposed zone districts, such as height, setbacks, building types permitted, and lot coverage. Land uses and zone district locations will be reviewed at a future, separate hearing. Future hearings with P&Z Commission and City Council will be scheduled for the public to comment on all of the Articles and the associated Zoning Map. The proposed Articles would be compiled in one Ordinance to repeal the current Zoning Ordinance (Title 9 of Driggs City Code) and Subdivision Regulations (Title 10). 

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