Housing Needs Assessment

This Housing Needs Assessment was sponsored by the Western Greater Yellowstone Consortium (WGYC) as part of a regional planning effort to integrate housing, land-use, economic and workforce development, transportation, and infrastructure in a manner that empowers the development of sustainable economies. It covers Fremont, Madison and Teton counties in eastern Idaho and Teton County, Wyoming, an area of sharp contrasts characterized by rural towns, a small city, destination resorts, two national parks and surrounding national forests, farming and ranching, a university with over 15,000 students and extensive commuting of employees within the region.

This study provides an understanding of current conditions and needs to support the establishment of regional priorities, objectives, and strategies that was included in the four-county Regional Plan for Sustainable Development. This effort was funded by a Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant awarded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and administered by Fremont County on behalf of the Consortium.

A Regional Analysis of Impediments, a report that examines fair access to housing and related services, was prepared concurrently with this Housing Needs Assessment utilizing many of the same sources of information.