Design Review

The Design Review process is necessary for non-residential new construction and/or major remodels/additions that are located in the Design Review Overlay Zone and are subject to Appendix A: Design Standards and Guidelines.

Once a Design Review Sketch has been completed by the applicant and reviewed by the Planning & Zoning Administrator, the applicant can complete and submit a Final Design Review application. See Section II.B- II.F of the Design Standards & Guidelines for more information regarding application requirements, the review process, and approval criteria.

Application Forms:

Sketch Plan Design Review - Sketch Plan Application Form

Final Design Review - Final Site Plan/Elevations Application Form

Application Fees:

Sketch Plan & Minor Remodel: $125
Site Plan review: $235
Building Plan review:  $23 per 1000sqft gross floor area


Code References:

Appendix A Design Standards and Guidelines

Section 9.3 Design Review Overlay


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