Conditional Use Permit Application

Only those uses identified in the Use Table (Article 10.2) as requiring a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) are eligible to apply for a CUP. The intent of the CUP is to provide standards and oversight to mitigate the effects these uses may have on the public and surrounding land owners. If the proposed conditional use cannot adequately meet the conditions necessary to assure protection and compatibility with the surrounding properties, uses and neighborhood, the Planning & Zoning Commission will not approve the proposed use.

Conditional Use Permit Application Form (PDF)

Application Fee: $710


Code References:

Driggs' Land Development Code Use Table in Article 10.2 shows the eligible conditional uses in each of the city's zoning districts.

Article 14.7 defines the Conditional Use Permit approval criteria and review process.

Idaho Statute 67-6512 provides the legal framework for conditional use permits. 

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