City Staff


The Driggs City staff is a group of dedicated people who strive to improve the quality of services and life in the City of Driggs. Our staff consists of the following individuals. The City Hall phone number is 208-354-2362 and extensions are listed below.

Al Russo, Residential Building Inspector 208-709-5740

Annie Dell'Isola, CFM, Deputy Planning & Zoning Administrator x2105

Carol Lenz, Finance Officer x2113

Cody Santero, Public Works Employee

Doug Self, AICP, Community Development Director x2111

Dylan McCracken, Public Works Employee

Henry McCracken, Public Works Employee

Jason Letham, Commercial Building Inspector 208-317-3365

Jay Mazalewski, Public Works Director x2115

Jeremiah Arbelo, Public Works Employee

Justin Mehlhaff, Planning Technician & Code Enforcement Officer x2109

Kreslyn Schuehler, CMC, City Clerk x2103

Lori Kyle, Airport Administrative Coordinator 

Pete Linville, Public Works Employee

Stephen P. Zollinger, City Attorney

Tracy McNeiley, Utilities Clerk x2100

Wyatt Penfold, Mechanical Inspector 208-709-6810

City Council

Mayor Hyrum Johnson x2107