Airport Master Plan Project Advisory Committee

The Airport Master Plan Advisory Committee was formed in October 2018 to provide input on and review of an update to the 2012 Driggs Airport Master Plan. This document needs to be updated to reflect new facilities, current projections of airport activity, new environmental and other regulatory constraints; and updated to plan for an appropriate mix of land uses to support projected aviation, non-aviation needs and the long-term financial health of the airport.

Additional information is available through the following links:

2019 Airport Master Plan Project
Airport Master Plan Steering Committee Agenda
Airport Master Plan Steering Committee Minutes

The members of the Airport Master Plan Steering Committee are:

Hyrum Johnson, Mayor, City of Driggs
Wade Kaufman, Council Member, City of Driggs
Brian McDermott, Economic Development Director
Karen Friedlander, Mustang Ranch, Hangar Owner
Peter Kline, General Manager, Teton Aviation
Doug Self, Community Development Director, City of Driggs

Jim Jackson, Airport Board Member

Don Mosely, Airport Board Member

Joshua Chase, Teton County Planner

Jason Fawson, Chief Pilot, Method Air Search & Rescue