Airport Master Plan

The intent of the project was to update the 1997 Airport Master Plan (Narrative Report) by Riedesel Engineering, LLC.  This document was updated to reflect new facilities, current projections of airport activity, new environmental and other regulatory constraints; and updated to plan for an appropriate mix of land uses to support projected aviation, non-aviation needs and the long-term financial health of the airport. 

The updated Master Plan process, completed in March of 2012, helped the Airport select appropriate patterns of land use on the airfield and surrounding properties based on updated forecasts of demand for aviation services such as commercial service, hangars, tie downs, maintenance, flight instruction, etc. An updated Capital Improvement Program (CIP) will allow the Airport to make strategic investments in needed airfield projects.

Lilian Bowen and HDR Engineering were contracted by the Airport Board to complete this project. An Airport Master Plan Steering Committee was appointed to provide input on and review of the master plan.

Products of this project will be posted as pdf documents on this page. You may also find additional information on:

Airport Master Plan Steering Committee Agenda
Airport Master Plan Steering Committee Minutes