Airport Board


The following is a list of individuals who make up our Driggs Reed Memorial Airport Board. They work hard to make the airport better, and oversee its operations. They all have some interest in aviation, their occupations range from retired and active commercial pilots, to business men and women who are interested in the future of the City of Driggs.

Board Members

Chris Schuehler, Chairman

Ash Alexander, Vice Chairman/Treasurer

Jim Jackson

Don Moseley

Vacancy  - Board Application


Lori Kyle, Airport Administrative Coordinator

The Airport Board meets on the 2nd Tuesday

of every month at 5pm at City Hall.



The Board's Mission:

To manage, promote and improve the Driggs Airport for the educational and economic benefit of the community.

The Board's Vision:

Advancing Aviation.  Creating Community.


Airport Board Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Airport Master Plan

Driggs Reed Memorial Airport Information