Dig In, Driggs! Adopt-A-Landscape Program

What is it?

The Adopt-a-Landscape Program allows you to adopt a piece of Driggs’ green spaces- a landscape planter, park strip, bulb-out, or park area. Right now we are offering the bulb-outs along Ski Hill Rd for adoption.  These were once beautifully filled with flowers and ornamental grasses, but opportunistic weeds have crept in and stole the scene! Our program encourages businesses,organizations and individuals to commit their time and talents to restoring them to their former glory and maintain them for everyone to enjoy. All who participate is acknowledged with a sign at the site.


Driggs is a small community, but prides itself in creating an attractive downtown to live, work, and play. The City is committed to keeping our green spaces beautiful; however our staff levels have remained the same while our maintenance needs have continued to grow. Many small cities all over the United States have formed volunteer programs for landscape maintenance. You can help us keep Driggs looking its best. Through the Adopt-a-Landscape program, you will find a real sense of pride and ownership of “our town”.

How Does it Operate?

This program involves adopting a bulb-out along Ski Hill Rd, tidying it up, and, most importantly, maintaining it throughout the growing season.  Your adopted spot would involve weeding, mulching, planting flowers or shrubs, and picking up litter. The City will offer you a $125 stipend the first year to compensate for your time to weed the beds and purchase necessary plants and mulch.

Who is Eligible?

The entire community is welcome to get involved,including community groups, businesses,service clubs, schools, private clubs,youth groups and individuals.


After one month of active adoption, the City will install a sign at the site, bearing the name of the adopting group or individual. Adopting groups will be recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation, and periodic stories will also be sent to the media. Also, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped make the City of Driggs a place of beauty and vitality.

How to Get Started

Please read the Program information on the right sidebar and then fill out the Adopt-a-Landscape online application form. You can also print and fill out the forms and submit in person. City Staff will then help you coordinate the location, stipend, and any City support that might be needed. Adoption is for a minimum of two years and can be extended by mutual agreement.