Description and Purpose: The proposed project is to construct a 6ft wide concrete sidewalk along either the north or south sides of Howard Ave (the north side was selected based on property owner feedback) between 5th Street and 2nd Street as part of the Safe Routes to Schools network. The sidewalk will facilitate travel between residences and the Driggs Elementary and Rendevous Upper Elementary Schools.

Funding: This project is funded by a grant from the Idaho Transportation Department, with a 7% local match paid for through sales tax. There is no cost to adjacent land owners.

Schedule: The rough project schedule is as follows:

June-July 2017 = Public/Property Owner Input (via mailed questionnaire and individual meetings) All comments from property owners stated a preference for locating the sidewalk on the north side of Howard primarily because the school is on that side.

July-August 2017 = Togographical/Exisitng Conditions Survey & Preliminary Design

September 2017 = Public/Property Owner Input on Preliminary Design

September/October 2017 = Final Design approval by City Council.

April 2018 = Advertised for Bids

May 2018 = Award of Contract

July-August 2018 Construction

FAQs From Adjacent Property Owners:

Q: Where I have sod, if it is removed or damaged, will the city replace with new sod? A: Yes, the city will repair/restore with the same landscaping materials to as close as possible to pre-existing conditions.

Q: Why is the sidewalk proposed to be 6ft wide (why not the standard width)? A: While the standard sidewalk width for a local residential road is 5ft, the standard sidewalk width along a residential collector road, where higher pedestrian and bike traffic is expected, is 6ft. This is the same width as the sidewalks on Ross Ave and 5th St, which are also part of the Safe Routes to School system. This width better accommodates school children traveling to school by walking and bikes (allows safer passing).

Q: What will be the cost to property owners? A: There is no cost assessed to property owners; the project is paid for through an Idaho Transportation Department grant and 7% local match, sourced from local sales tax.

Q: Will the Post Office be able to deliver mail during construction? A: Yes, the city will require the contractor to work with the USPS to maintain access; this may require temporary relocation of mailboxes.

Q: Will my driveway remain open? A: The contractor must keep driveways open at all times except for when closure is necessary to place and cure the sidewalk cement. The contractor is required to communicate exact dates and times of driveway closures to residents and will make necessary arrangements for access (placement of 'bridges') where a resident requires use of driveway (e.g., wheelchair user) during the concrete placement and curing period.


Project Manager: Doug Self, Community Development Director, or 208-354-2362 x2111

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Safe Routes to School - Driggs Elementary / RUE Travel Plan (2010)

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June 21, 2018 The contractor has mobilized to the project site and will begin work on June 25th, starting at 2nd Street and constructing the sidewalk one block at a time up to 5th Street. Howard Ave will be closed to through traffic for each block as the contractor works in that block. Local traffic (including USPS and RAD) will be able to use one lane. The contractor will be handing out flyers regarding a project meeting during the week of June 25.

May 24, 2018 The contractor, DL Beck, will hold a pre-construction meeting at 11am on Tuesday, May 29 at Driggs City Hall to review construction activities, schedule and traffic control plan.

May 12, 2018 The construction contract has been awarded to DL Beck. 

June 22, 2017 - Questionnaires were mailed out to property owners today. This input will be used to direct the concept design for the project. Additional meetings will be scheduled with property owners as needed in this phase. The concept design will be mailed to property owners for additional input.